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Note: Due to the special situation in the energy markets, most Dutch energy providers have paused the comparison tool. There are currently fewer providers visible than normal. Come back later if necessary for more comprehensive offers. We have no influence on this state.

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The energy comparator for your gas or electricity supply (energy connection) works very simply:

  1. Enter your address and the household composition.
  2. Even better: If you know the consumption of the last few years, enter it.
  3. Then you can choose whether you want to consume more environmentally consciously.
  4. You can choose the contract period.
  5. Do you want to see the monthly or annual prices?
  6. Do you not like a provider? Then you can exclude them.

Send us a message if you have questions or if something doesn't work.

Please note that the suppliers shown are serving the Dutch market. It may be that providers do not accept foreign phone numbers and account numbers.

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