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If you live in the Netherlands, you will quickly find that life here is not cheap. Regular price comparison of energy contracts, cell phone contracts and the Internet connection at home can, therefore promptly pay off. Energy providers, in particular regularly have very lucrative welcome offers. Most contracts have a term of between one and three years. A change should always go smoothly so that nobody has to be without electricity, internet or telephone.

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Energy: Electricity & Gas

Find affordable and eco-friendly Dutch power solutions with our energy comparison tool. Start your sustainable journey ahead of time, as contracts often vary in duration.

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Mobile subscription with telephone

In the Netherlands, you can quickly and easily sign a mobile subscription with a telephone. Depending on the provider and contract duration, you pay a different amount for this. It is worth comparing.

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SIM Only

Do you want to get a cheap mobile phone contract in the Netherlands? If you already have a mobile phone, SIM Only is a perfect option for you. Because with this type of contract, you only receive a SIM card that you have to insert into your phone.

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High speed internet at home

If you live in the Netherlands, it is worth using an all-in-one contract. With this connection, you not only have an internet connection, but also a television and telephone connection.

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