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Unprecedented Increase in Health Insurance Premium: DSW Raises Alarm Over Accessibility

DSW, a prominent health insurer in the Netherlands, has announced an unprecedented increase in the health insurance premium, amounting to €149 per month in 2024. This increase of €11.50 per month is the largest since introducing the Health Insurance Act in 2006. This development has set off alarm bells regarding the accessibility and affordability of healthcare in the Netherlands.

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New Fuel Prices: Petrol in 2024 will be significantly more expensive due to an excise duty increase

Dutch car owners are in for a shock as fuel prices rise in January 2024: A trip to the petrol station will become more expensive for many Dutch people from January 2024 onwards. Car owners will feel the impact of an excise duty increase, with an expected increase of almost 21 cents per litre of petrol. This means a 45-litre tank will cost almost ten euros more than it does now. Diesel drivers are also not spared, as the price per litre of diesel is expected to rise by about 13.5 cents, resulting in almost six euros extra for a full tank.

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Natural Gas Prices Drop Thanks to Stabilisation in Australia

Over the past week, the European gas market was rattled by sudden price fluctuations. After a looming strike in Australia, which threatened the global gas supply, European consumers and businesses can now sigh relief. Recently released figures show a 10% drop in gas consumption in the first half of 2023 compared to the previous year. The data also indicates that importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) has surged by almost 50%, reducing the dependency on traditional gas.

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