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Unprecedented Increase in Health Insurance Premium: DSW Raises Alarm Over Accessibility

Schiedam · DSW, a prominent health insurer in the Netherlands, has announced an unprecedented increase in the health insurance premium, amounting to €149 per month in 2024. This increase of €11.50 per month is the largest since introducing the Health Insurance Act in 2006. This development has set off alarm bells regarding the accessibility and affordability of healthcare in the Netherlands.

The rise in the premium is mainly attributable to the escalating costs in healthcare caused by higher wages for healthcare staff and increasing demand for healthcare services. The director of DSW, Aad de Groot, has expressed his concerns about the sustainability of these increases in the long term and emphasised the need for fundamental changes in the healthcare system.

DSW advocates for more collaboration at the regional level and across different domains to improve people’s health and living conditions. This would relieve the pressure on the healthcare sector and guarantee accessibility. Furthermore, DSW proposes a change in the method of contracting and financing healthcare, with a focus on accessibility rather than production.

In response to DSW’s announcement, other media outlets, including De Telegraaf and NOS, have also reported the possible consequences of the premium increase. Concerns have been raised about the rise in those avoiding healthcare and the growing health divide in society. Additionally, there is a call for a revision of the financing of the healthcare sector to ensure the quality and accessibility of care.

More information is available in the original article by DSW.

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