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Car leasing

Opting for a car lease is a practical way to always drive a current model without having to make a large one-off payment when buying a new one. You can specify your brand, model and equipment preferences in your leasing contract. If your needs change, you can choose a new leasing contract with a new model at the end of the term.

The decision to lease a car is entirely voluntary. If you decide not to lease, you will have to pay the car's total purchase price. Leasing allows you to make regular, manageable payments while always driving an up-to-date car.

The leasing tool is designed for both Dutch citizens and expats who are new to the Netherlands and want to lease a car. Compare different offers and find the suitable leasing model for you.

Some important notes

No advice

We offer an overview of various car leasing options in the Netherlands through a partner. However, it is essential to understand that we are not licensed leasing advisors and are not approved by the Dutch Financial Market Authority (AFM). Therefore, we are not qualified to give specific advice on individual leasing offers or individual recommendations.

If you need detailed information on a car leasing offer, please get in touch with the relevant provider directly. They have the necessary expertise and qualifications to provide you with tailored advice and explanations of their offers.

Dutch market

Please note that all leasing providers on our platform serve the Dutch market. So if you live, work or plan to move to the Netherlands, you will find many car leasing options here. However, some providers may not offer their services if you are based outside the Netherlands.

It is important to note that not all providers offer German-speaking services or support. This can be important if you need assistance or have questions about your leasing contract. In addition, some providers may not accept German account numbers or phone numbers. It is, therefore, advisable to check these points with the provider before signing a leasing contract.

Earnings model

Please note that we may receive remuneration for referring customers to providers. Our platform is funded by advertising, and we earn money when users click on advertisements or are redirected to a provider's website.


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The Netherlands


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The announced abolition of the net metering scheme on 1 January 2027 in the Netherlands has caused significant upheaval in the solar industry. Manufacturers and installers of solar panels see their business models threatened, while supporters of the decision hope for a much-needed relief for the electricity grid. This article examines the net metering scheme's background, its abolition consequences, and the prospects for solar energy in the Netherlands.


Preservation of Net Metering Secures Future of Solar Panels

The controversial net metering regulation for solar panels, a central element in promoting renewable energies, will remain in place for the coming years. Despite plans by the caretaker cabinet to abolish this regulation, the Senate faction of GroenLinks-PvdA, with a decisive majority, has stood against the changes. This marks a significant victory for owners of solar panels and sends a strong signal in support of renewable energies.

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DSW, a prominent health insurer in the Netherlands, has announced an unprecedented increase in the health insurance premium, amounting to €149 per month in 2024. This increase of €11.50 per month is the largest since introducing the Health Insurance Act in 2006. This development has set off alarm bells regarding the accessibility and affordability of healthcare in the Netherlands.

The small print
This platform provides information based on data obtained in cooperation with our partners. Although we make every effort to provide up-to-date and accurate data, we cannot fully guarantee the accuracy and completeness of this information. Therefore, we advise you to check all details carefully before deciding. We aim to give you an overview of the options available. However, it is up to you to make the final decision, and it is essential that you feel comfortable choosing an offer. Therefore, we ask you to read the terms and conditions thoroughly and clarify any issues directly with the provider before deciding on an offer.
Please note that we are not licensed insurance advisors and are not authorised by the Dutch Financial Supervisory Authority (AFM). Therefore, we are not qualified to give specific advice on individual offers or individual recommendations. Please also note that we may receive remuneration for referring clients to providers. Our platform is financed by advertising.
Please note that while we strive to present a wide range of options, we cannot guarantee that all options and providers available in the Netherlands will be displayed.
All providers on our platform cater to the Dutch market. However, please note that not all providers offer services or support in German or English. Additionally, some providers might not accept foreign account numbers or phone numbers. Please verify these points with the provider before you sign a contract.