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New Participation: State Acquires Shares in Stedin

Den Haag · The Dutch government has announced plans to acquire shares in the network operator Stedin. This comes after the assessment of a capital request from Stedin, with the state expressing an intent to participate in the network company, aiming further to stimulate investments for the energy transition and economic growth.

Stedin, the network manager responsible for most of South Holland, Utrecht, and Zeeland, has indicated a need for investments to continue strengthening its network and accelerating the energy transition. The state has proposed an investment of €500 million, resulting in an 11.9% equity stake in Stedin.

The state's participation in Stedin emphasises the importance of the public sector in the energy transition. Stedin, currently owned by 42 municipalities within its service area, plays a pivotal role in the energy transition by investing in its energy network.

In addition to capital participation, the state will obtain decision-making rights in Stedin. Under the new arrangements, the state will join the shareholders' committee (AHC) of Stedin and gain additional authority in investments and financial planning.

These plans are still in the negotiation phase, and the state and the current shareholders of Stedin must undergo the necessary democratic processes before the final agreement is signed.

The state's move to participate in Stedin is a critical step in further accelerating the energy transition in the Netherlands and safeguarding public interests in the energy market.

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