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Power Shortages Impact Efteling: New Attraction and Hotel Face Challenges

Like hundreds of other businesses, Efteling is grappling with the effects of the overloaded power grid. Due to the current power shortage, the amusement park cannot operate its new attraction, Danse Macabre, and the hotel is under construction at total capacity during the winter months, reports the Brabants Dagblad. Consequently, the park is exploring creative solutions.

The Efteling Grand Hotel, a seven-storey construction with 143 rooms, is currently being built near the amusement park entrance. A new horror attraction, Danse Macabre, is also underway at the site of the former Ghost Castle. Both projects are slated for completion next year.

Despite investments in solar panels, the park requires extra power, particularly during the winter and at night when solar generation is reduced. Efteling acknowledges that it is on the lengthy waiting list of companies that have requested a new, substantial power connection from Enexis.

The theme park had a new high-voltage cable installed from the electricity substation in Tilburg-Noord, only to find out that the power supply was the issue. At the four power stations in Tilburg, including Tilburg-Noord, which supplies power to Efteling, 157 businesses await a new connection.

Enexis warns that issues with the power grid may persist for another five to 10 years. This power shortage could also pose challenges for future expansions of the park or resorts and for efforts to make existing locations within the park more sustainable.

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