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KPN acquires Dutch operations of Youfone

KPN, the Dutch telecommunications giant, announced that it is acquiring the Dutch operations of Youfone, a fast-growing telecoms provider already operating on KPN's networks. The move sees KPN strengthen its brand portfolio and significantly reinforce its mobile and broadband market position, especially in the faster-growing no-frills segments.

Youfone, with more than 540,000 customers, is a provider of private internet, television, mobile and fixed-line subscriptions operating in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Rotterdam-based company was founded in 2008 by Valentijn Rensing and used the KPN and Proximus networks for its mobile services. Youfone customers will still use the Netherlands' best mobile and fixed networks despite the acquisition.

The acquisition, worth around EUR 200 million, will be added to KPN's portfolio alongside other brands such as XS4ALL, Solcon and Simyo. Although the Youfone organisation will continue to operate independently within KPN, it is expected to strengthen KPN's brand portfolio.

KPN and Youfone look optimistically to the future and expect to achieve further growth in the coming years by continuing the efficient business model Youfone has successfully established. This will ensure that current and future Youfone customers are served in their familiar way.

The acquisition is subject to closing conditions, including competition authority approval.

Youfone has made notable moves, such as acquiring Mobicross in 2017, which saw the company enter the fixed-line telephony, internet and television markets. In addition, the company has made successful moves into the business telecoms market and launched a new TV service based on Android TV in 2020, becoming the first provider in the Netherlands to use Android TV.

In addition, Youfone made some of its subscriptions cheaper and increased the size of its data bundles without raising prices. Recent adjustments in the prices of subscriptions and data bundles have probably contributed to the company's rapid growth.

Finally, Youfone is also socially involved, as the primary sponsor of the professional football club Vitesse in the 2013/2014 season and as a sponsor of Team DSM from 2022 onwards.

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