Questions & answers about gas in the Netherlands

How can I switch gas suppliers in the Netherlands?

Switching gas suppliers is relatively easy. You do not have to worry that you will not get gas in the meantime, the changes go without problems and not with the end user. The conversion is done virtually between the providers.

You can do this to switch:

  • View the current contract and look up the contract duration and notice period. This is usually 30 days.
  • Read the meter readings and take a photo for documentation.
  • Make a price comparison based on the estimated or actual consumption.
  • Request a new contract.
  • Cancel the old contract and ask for confirmation (if the new provider does not offer this service).

Your new energy supplier does this:

  • The new contract is sent digitally or on paper.
  • They ensure termination of the old contract (if possible and requested by you).
  • Ensures that the change goes smoothly.
  • On request: installation of an intelligent thermostat

You can still do this:

  • Install the mobile app from the new energy supplier (if necessary, remove the software from the old energy supplier).
  • Check the new contract: are all prices correct and will a bonus be charged?
  • View and adjust the calculated monthly prepayment.
  • Check the final invoice of the old provider carefully (compare the meter readings) and settle the amount.

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