Questions & answers about gas in the Netherlands

How much does a cubic metre of gas cost in the Netherlands?

Currently (as of 7 June 2023), the price for one cubic meter (m³) of gas in the Netherlands is approximately 1.50€ (according to the model contract, flexible contract).

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make an exact prediction as the price depends on the specific energy supplier and the location of the connection.

For fixed-term contracts, prices can vary significantly. Therefore, we recommend performing a price comparison.

The energy tax in 2023 is 0.59266 € per m³ for gas and 0 € per m³ for the storage of renewable energies. These amounts apply up to 5,000 m³ per year and are valid for a type G6 gas meter or smaller, which does not let more than 40 m³ of gas per hour pass.

Prijsplafond 2023

In 2023, a price cap (referred to as "Prijsplafond", see below) for energy comes into effect. This applies to households and other small consumers and stipulates that no more than a maximum price for gas, electricity, and district heating must be paid up to a certain consumption level. Up to the consumption of 2,900 kWh of electricity and 1,200 m³ of gas, a maximum of 0.40 € per kWh of electricity and 1.45 € per m³ of gas can be charged in 2023. For anything consumed beyond this, the current tariff of the energy contract must be paid. Because of this price cap, many households will experience reduced energy bills.

Further information on the Prijsplafond can be found on the Rijksoverheid website.

Composition of the final customer price

The gas price in Holland comprises various components: basic tariff, energy tax, contribution to sustainable energy storage, gas region surcharge (depending on the location of the connection), and VAT. Consumption is calculated in m³ (cubic meters).


Please note: 1 m³ of gas is approximately equivalent to 10 kW. However, this value can vary due to different factors. For exact values, you should contact your supplier.

We recommend regularly carrying out a price comparison.


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